About Us

Sanctuary Organics is a unique company which offers whole fruit products made from the purest, most nutritious and highest quality fruits in the world.  

Our products can be used to add to your smoothies, drink formulations, daily supplementation, for baking, as toppings, or in many other ways.

Our products are all available in dried powder form, and some are available in frozen pulp or puree.    They can also be specially prepared in capsule form as supplements or in the forms of beverages or nutritional bars.  Some are available in whole dried fruit form.  Contact us for details.

We will also provide nutritional advisory and consulting to businesses for product formulation and to increase sales.

We select our fruit products based on their nutritional value, quality and purity.  Our products deliver some of the highest nutrient concentrations from natural fruit sources known.  

We utilize strict guidelines for sourcing the highest quality products.  Growers are examined for overall cultivation practices and for tree health.  We use only products which are certified organic or verified to be grown responsibly and sustainably.   An emphasis is placed on preserving biodiversity, groundwater purity, and soil health.    Farmers never use chemicals, pesticides, synthetic or any GMO (genetically modified organism) products.   Learn more about our position on sustainable farming and GMOs.

All products undergo rigorous testing for purity and to ensure no contaminants are present.   Various stages of testing are conducted throughout the process including third party testing.     Analysis throughout the process includes HPTLC, UV, GC, HPLC, and/or USP analysis.

Sanctuary Organics buys in large quantities, which allows us to offer our products at the most competitive prices available on the market today.  We have additional pricing programs for businesses.  Contact us today for details.

We are a small, locally owned business dedicated to quality, nutrition and responsible cultivation.  Join us in our passions!