Natural source of Silica
Essential for building collagen

Common Name:  Bamboo
Botanical Name:  Bambusa vulgaris
Habitat:  Native to SE Asia, but grown worldwide in a variety of climates. 

The Bamboo family covers over 1,000 species grown in a wide variety of conditions and climates.  Bamboo is actually a giant, edible grass.

Nutritional Information:
Bamboo contains over 70% organic silica extract and is the richest natural source of silica known.  Silica has recently become an ingredient in many cosmetics for its reported ability to help regenerate collagen.  Most silica used in products is mainly synthetic in origin.   Bamboo offers the opportunity to consume this vital nutrient in an entirely natural way.  

Silica is necessary for the integrity of skin, tendons, ligaments and bones.  It has been reported as strengthening teeth, hair and nails.   It is a key nutrient for flexibility and healthy joints.

In addition, silica plays a role in absorbing and enhancing the function of minerals. 


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