Great plant source of protein, vitamin C and Calcium; High in fiber

Common Name:  Borojo
Botanical Name:  Borojoa patinol
Habitat:  Native to rainforests in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama

General:  Borojo is a tropical fruit cultivated primarily in South America.  It grows to approximately 5 meters in height.  The fruit is sweet to slightly tart tasting and is used in a variety of foods from ice cream to cooked dishes.  

Nutritional Information:  Borojo is a true powerhouse for fitness-minded individuals.   First, Borojo has been demonstrated to provide sustained energy.  It was carried by local peoples on long journeys.  The energizing property comes from malic acid.   

Further, Borojo has one of the highest concentrations of B vitamins of any fruit.  This can serve as a valuable source of these essential vitamins for vegetarians.  

It is also high in amino acids, phosphorous and polyphenols.  


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