High in vitamin C
Great cell regenerator

Common Name:    Amla
Botanical Name:    Emblica officinalis
Other Names:  Amalaki; Indian Gooseberry
Habitat:   Native to India.   Grown in tropical regions.

Amla is cultivated plant in tropical regions.  It grows up to 18 m in height and produces small yellow/green fruits.   All parts of the plant are utilized for traditional ayurvedic  practices.

Nutritional Information:
Amla fruit contains a broad profile of compounds including polyphenols, tannic acids, bioflavanoids, amino acids and trace minerals.  Further, Amla contains the highest concentrated forms of Vitamin C in the plant kingdom.  Amla is an excellent source in chromium, zinc and copper.   It further contains powerful enzymes, including super oxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione and catalase. 

Traditional uses have included for digestive issues, cardiovascular support and blood circulation.

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