Dyers Woad
Very high in glucobrassicin, thought to have regenerative properties

Common Name:  Dyers Woad
Botanical Name:  Isatis tinctoria
Habitat:  Native to arid and steppe regions of the Caucasus

General:  Dyers woad is actually a type of weed widely cultivated from Siberia and Western Asia through Southern and Western Europe.  It was a valuable source of dyes.   The root is traditionally used for teas.  It is harvested and sun dried, then boiled for teas.  The leaves are gaining in popularity for their medicinal properties.  

Nutritional Information:   Considered an invasive weed in many areas, Dyers' nutritional properties are just being discovered.  It contains extremely high levels of glucobrassicin (GBS).  It is thought these compounds have strong healing and regenerative properties.



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